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Word Relibion is made from 2 words: Reliable + Companion. We at Relibion know that the reason behind any successful company is their employees and their management. The idea is to enable small & medium enterprises to make the best use of the available technology which empowers them to manage their workforce in the best possible manner, through a mobile phone itself, using minimum possible resources.
Relibion is customised solution, designed especially for Small & medium sized enterprises, keeping their requirements & way of working in mind. It is a combination of 3 Apps which are interlinked and provide a complete HR solution to the companies:

1. E-Setup App: The E-Setup app, is for the owners of the company. Through this app the owners add and remove employees, declare employee’s salaries and define all working T&C of the employees.

2. Management App: The Management App is for the senior management of the company. Through this management is able to monitor arrival & departure timings of the employees, process salaries, manage leaves & incentives.

3. Employee App: The Employee App is designed exclusively for employees. Through this app employees can mark their & view their attendance, view their salary details, apply for leaves, view upcoming holidays, get incentives & penalties, apply for reimbursement claims & much more...
No matter if you have just 5-7 employees still this app will deliver the results and benefits beyond your expectations. Apart from many other benefits precisely you will have 4 benefits:

HELPS YOU IN DEFINING CLEAR T & C FOR YOUR EMPLOYEES: Mostly small businesses don’t have a clear well defined working policy for the employees. A small business owner is usually under the misconception that because the working rules are not clearly defined he has the flexibility to change the rules anytime but it actually hampers the working environment and the growth of the company in long run. Relibion helps you in defining v clear T & C for your employees which deliver v far reaching positive impacts on the company.

GIVES YOU THE COMPLETE CONTROL & FLEXIBILITY: Relibion allows you to manage your team as per your requirements. It gives you complete flexibility to define all work rules as per your work conditions. You define rules just once and same rule is auto applied on all employees and if you want you can also alter all rules for any particular employee or employees.

BRINGS COMPLETE TRANSPARENCY IN WORK ENVIRONMENT: All employees are able to see their attendance timings live on their app, plus their complete salary details, upcoming holidays, incentives, star postings, availed leaves etc. When all data is shared with full transparency, then both employee & the employer focus just on work & not on payroll calculations.

SAVES LOT OF TIME & EFFORT: Since Relibion is designed primarily for SME’s, we know the value of time for SME’s. We therefore present a solution through which SME’s can:
  1. Manage and monitor the attendance of their employees on daily basis.
  2. Create seamless payrolls automatically at any given date.
  3. Manage all financial aspects of payrolls including allowances and loans & advances & converting loans into EMI’s.
  4. Manage leaves and holidays seamlessly.
  5. Track performance of each employee logically.
  6. Keep staff connected and motivated through target incentives and other features of the software.
Yes, you can switch from one plan to another anytime as per your requirements. If you decide to change your plan before maturity, you will be billed proportionately on pro-rata basis.
It is recommended that you should always have a margin of 2- 3 employees, so that you are never struck in between while adding a new employee. However, you can always add or subtract the number of employees in your account. But it should be noted that whenever you add or subtract employees your product expiry date will get altered depending upon the amount paid by you.
Yes, the data saved via the website and smartphone applications are stored on the same cloud, therefore the data is always synchronised.
No, Relibion is not at all an extra expense. You get most accurate payroll calculations based on the rules defined by you, automatically on the date pre-decided by you, on your phone itself. The amount of ease, transparency, accuracy and promptness it adds to your work environment is priceless. It is not extra expense it’s a valuable asset for any organisation.


















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A one stop solution to all your HR Management & Payroll issues that works completely through the Mobile app. Relibion simplifies all your HR related activities to the max.

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