Relibion is a combination of 3 Apps:

  • E-Set up app

    E-SetUp App

  • Management App

    Management App

  • Employee app

    Employee App

This is the primary app, through which project starts working.


E Set Up App

E-Setup app is for CEO’s and very senior management of the company.

This app is for initial set up of the company. Through this app you can:

● Declare branches, departments, designations, shifts etc..
● Add new employees
● Expel Employees
● Fix & alter the salaries and T&C of employees
● Fix salary allowances of the employees
● Create targets incentives for employees
● Manage rights & permissions to access other 2 apps
● View company’s salary bill of each month


The Management app & the Employee app are interrelated and work in coordination with each other.


The employees mark their attendance through the Employee app.

The management is able to monitor the arrival & departure timings of employees live through the Management app.


The Employee app automatically picks the GPS location of the employee and if the employee is found within a 15-meter radius from the office then the attendance is approved automatically, otherwise, the attendance is raised for approval, to the management of the company.


For every attendance marked, the management can see the exact GPS location through the Management app, from where the attendance has been marked by the employee.

The employees applies for leaves via the Employee app and the management checks the complete leave account of the employee via the Management app and then approves or rejects the leaves.


Simultaneously, the leave status gets updated from pending to approved or rejected in the employee app also.

Through Employee app, the employees can mark their field positions with GPS location along with a brief description multiple times a day and the management is able see their positions through the Management app.


Through the Employee app, the employees applies for their reimbursement claims and the management is able check the bill details and then approve or reject the bills through the Management app.


Through the Management app, the Management issues: Incentives, Penalties, Green & Red stars to the employees and same gets updated to the employees app.


Apart from the already described features of Employee app, the employees can also:

● See the complete description their posted salaries
● The list of upcoming holidays
● View their attendance reports
● Can also call their fellow employees directly through the app.


Apart from the already described features of Management app, the management can also:

● Process & alter salaries
● Import attendance logs of your office biometric machine
● Maintain performance record of employees
● Call employees directly through the app
● Multiple tools to manage attendance of employees
● View employee personal and identification details
● View wide range of reports on all aspects of HR Management
● Email all reports to the registered email ID


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